Wednesday, May 30, 2012

There is nothing more painful than losing someone we have loved and cherished. When we know that we have been totally loved by another, it is a tremendous feeling; feeling truly loved. When we realize this and accept it, we can't help but return that love. 

When we lose that person to death, when they pass from this world to the next, a tremendous feeling of loss descends upon us. Where is that one who loved us so much? who we loved so much? Many people think that our loved one is in a better place or that they are still here with us, in spirit. But the fact is that they are not here physically and can't interact with us as before. Our day to day experiences with them are no more. We have our memories and we hold onto them.

But how will we be able to go on? how can we ever feel joy again? These are hard questions, not easy to answer. We go on because we have to. There is no choice, we must go through the pain. This emptiness is with us and it hurts, it hurts tremendously. But we need to look for the joy that has been buried under our grief. We need to try and remember how much we were treasured by our loved one, how they would want us to be happy, how they would want us to find joy again.

If you are going through a time like this, please know that you are not alone. Others have gone through, or are going through a similar situation. Talk with someone, it helps. Someone else knows how it feels, they can understand. Some of the pain and loneliness are lessened when it's shared. Our loved one would want us to have some help with our pain. We have to remember, they loved us and want the best for us. The pain is still there, the tears still come. But they did not take their love for us with them, they left that here with us. They left us the joy that they felt in loving us and we can look and find that joy again.

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