Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Hint: Just enough and only just enough

"Kim Leatherdale has been kind enough to let me share a post of hers with you. 
Enjoy your holidays!!"
- Elaine

J is for “Just enough.”

Do “just enough” to make the Holidays what you want them to be - meaningful and enjoyable for you and your family.

Keep from making the Holidays complicated.  Learn to say “No” gently but firmly if you are asked to add things.  Don't add anything that isn't meaningful or enjoyable to you and yours.  Learn to say “Help” just as firmly but gently.  Remember enlisting help is an important skill.

Simplify your gift giving.  It is really true one meaningful gift can say more than three expensive thoughtless ones.  My family does Secret Santa so we each only buy for one person and we can focus on that person.

Have just enough decorations.  Don't go nuts on decorating - make things meaningful and beautiful to you.  As a child I loved the light-up soldier that went in the yard.  I didn't need the whole house outlined in lights; I just wanted the soldier guarding our driveway. 

Simplify your food.  Have fewer tastier dishes (just enough) at your dinner rather than a massive feast with tons of leftovers.  If someone wants you to add dishes, suggest they bring those things on the day of celebration.  Give them the gift of the recipe and encourage them to learn how to make it.  Remind them they can then have the dish anytime of the year.

Participate in just enough events.  Don't do things you don't enjoy - parties, visiting, events.  Be truly involved in the things you do because you'll have energy for them. 

Make your Holidays be about just enough so you can feel the true joy of the season.  If you are doing just enough all the positives of the season have just enough space to join you.  Make that space in your life.

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Friday, November 26, 2010


Are you a worrier and is your child a worrier too? So often, when there is a parent who is worrying excessively about their child being anxious, that parent probably has a history of being “a worrier” too.  And if you go back another generation, one of those grandparents very likely had some “worries of their own”.  So, on and on it goes.
There are a couple of factors that are probably involved in perpetuating this family trait. There can be a biological predisposition to anxiety, just as there is to depression, diabetes, addiction and other disorders. When a parent has anxiety, children often intuitively know how their parent is feeling, even if their parent doesn’t say a word.  The parent worrying about their child reinforces the child’s anxiety and a vicious cycle begins.  
So what is a parent to do?  The first thing that a parent really needs to do is to take care of their own anxiety.  There are many different strategies that a parent can use to decrease their anxiety and different techniques and therapies that can help.  At the same time, the child can be taught strategies of their own to decrease their “worries” and parents can brainstorm with their child about ways to handle stressful situations.
If your family is the “anxious type”, you don’t have to just continue to worry; there are steps you can take to decrease your own anxiety and that of your child, and start to break the “cycle of worrying”.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Something New! Percussive Suggestion Technique (PSTEC)

Percussive Suggestion Technique is quite new and is an amazing new therapy designed to neutralize any unwanted feelings in a powerful, efficient and permanent way.  PSTEC quickly decreases and often eliminates anxiety and feelings of depression and neutralizes disturbing memories. Although the painful memory will not actually be forgotten, the intensity level of the negative emotion associated with it will be significantly diminished and more often, eliminated.

PSTEC incorporates different aspects of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and eye movement therapy.  One of the primary reasons that PSTEC is so effective is that it is able to bypass the critical factor (the resistant mechanism) of the conscious mind and gain direct access to the subconscious mind where memories are stored.

PSTEC was created very recently and even in this short period of time has helped many people to be released from the pain of the past, the struggles of the every day, and the fears of the future.  PSTEC is an amazing new therapy; it is simple to do, works very quickly, works on many issues, and gets great results; definitely worth trying!

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