Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"No arms, No legs ... No worries" ~ Nick Vujicic

I was looking at Trev Holloway's website, Hollistic Wellbeing (www.holistic-wellbeing.com) the other day, and spotted one of my favorite videos.  I saw this video awhile back, but when I saw it again and read Trev's article, I was reminded of Nick Vujicic's amazing strength and faith in himself and in life. Trev was kind enough to share his article about Nick with me, so that I could share it with you ...       Thank you so much Trev.

No arms, No legs... No worries - Nick Vujicic.

This guy is one hell of an inspiration. The video says it all really... if you still feel life has given you a bad deal after seeing Nick, then perhaps you really need to make the decision that now is the time to actually ask for help to change your perspective for the better. Yes, Nick is an unusual guy with the gift to inspire others with the positive way he sees things but you also have these abilities too... you just need to know how to do it. I hope you will be inspired by Nick and that this video clip gives you some perspective that even in the most difficult situations, you can still choose to enjoy life.

The only real asset we ever have is our own mind and yet so many people neglect this fact and spend their life looking in all the wrong places for happiness.

Happiness is within. Whenever you find something outside of yourself that makes you happy... that happy feeling is actually only ever generated from within the mind... it never comes directly from outside of yourself. The same is true when we feel unhappy, all feelings come from inside. Also any happiness that we have is often short lived when we rely on finding happiness from outside of ourselves. Modern tools such as EFT can create rapid changes in perspective which greatly improve the quality of life, because once you know how to change states internally at will then life seems to change for the better and your mental states are no longer reliant on others or outside situations over which there's no control. When people are happy they make other people happy too. Notice the faces in the audience as Nick speaks, tears of joy, gratitude, happiness and inspiration. He makes people feel good because they all realise how much they have in life and they see their life from a different perspective.

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