Monday, May 16, 2011

"Life Goes On: Count Your Blessings"

I can't believe that my last post is from Valentine's Day; that's three months ago! A lot can happen in that time and that's where I've been. Health issues, deaths in my family, financial issues, relationship issues, you name it! These things happen; life goes on, we go on. 

Spring has been here officially for almost two months. Lots of great things have happened: the snow melted, the rains came, the sun came out, the air warmed, the birds came back, the flowers bloomed. I am alive, the pains will heal, life goes on. And here I am, I am back. Back to the grind? Back to work? Back to something I love? My work? Back to people that I love? Yes .... back to the people and the work that I love and care about. I am fortunate; I have work that I love and care about and I have people who love and care about me too. Lots of blessings to count.

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